Christlike Schools

Education is very important in the life of everyone. In some countries children automatically receive education when they reach a certain age, unfortunately many do not value this great priviledge. While this is so in some parts of the world, there are countless children, youths and even adults in Nigeria who wish to get education but it is not possible for them because they can not afford to pay the school fees, which is usually very expensive and this makes it impossible for many parents to send their children to school.


In the year 2005, ICCFMissions established Christlike Schools (Nursery, Primary and Secondary), a christian school, in order to give children, especially orphans, destitutes, children from poor families, jungles and slums, where education is needed, the opportunity to get good education and bring them up in a godly way, just as the name goes - Christlike (which means like Christ).
Christlike Schools started with only 47 students but the school was soon known for its high quality christian standard and qualified teachers, which made the number of students to increase rapidly. Currently, there are about 700 students.


The buildings we are using for the school presently are uncompleted and rented, yet very costly. Moreover the buildings have become too small and make the environment not convenient anymore for the students learning.

We have been praying to have our own facilities and just recently God miraculously provided a piece of land for the school, where we can expand and establish our own school building. Now we need help financially, materially, resources and workers that are neccesary to build the school with all the facilities, in order to give education to these children.


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