I saw Jesus

Pastor Solomon A. Folorunsho is the founder and leader of ICCFMissions. Here he tells how, as a young man about to die, he had an encounter with Jesus by which he was healed and saved. He was shown heaven and hell and Jesus gave him the assignment to reach the unreached people of this world with the Gospel. This encounter with Jesus changed his life completely.

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Solomon A. Folorunsho



Preface by Solomon A. Folorunsho
Preface by Pastor Gunther Geipel, Germany
Preface by Pastor Wayne Osborn, Texas, USA

Chapter 1: My Birth
Grandfathers Covenant
Miraculous Birth

Chapter 2: My Life
Growing Up Sick
School Days
Sister Mary’s Vision
Hostel Dreams
Two Major Incidents
Ray of Light on My Dark Heart
First Taste of Jesus
Another Strange Incident

Chapter 3: My Encounter With The Lord
Occultic Deception
Sick Unto Death
How The Sickness Started
The Unforgettable Night
Healed and Pardoned
A Visit to Heaven and Hell
My Conversion
Change of Surname
First Day In Fellowship as a Christian
Experience of Holy Spirit Baptism
Battles After Repentance
Mary’s Vision Fulfilled

Chapter 4: My Ministry
Obedience To The Call
Come And Help Us
Several Other Revelations
Wandering From Place to Place
The Period of Waiting
How The Ministry Started

Prayer to Receive Jesus as Your Savior


Preface by Solomon A. Folorunsho

As you open the pages of this book, my heart goes out to all the people of the world that have not received Jesus Christ as their Savior.
I pray that the Lord will bring to them the light that shone on my life, as I dedicated my life to the course of preaching the gospel to the uttermost part of the world. (John 4:34, Luke 2:49)
There are not many things in the world today that remain alive in the lives of mankind. The dreams of many have seemingly died before they were birthed. Many have had one broken relationship after another and find that they all seemed to be swallowed up in death. The graveyards are full of ambitions that were never realized because the life sustaining source of Jesus Christ was never made a part of the successful accomplishment of those ambitions. Yet, may I boldly say today that He is ALIVE! The grave could never hold Him! He is ALIVE! Death could never control Him! He is ALIVE and ready to close every grave of despair in your life.


I am grateful to God for all the brethren at Emuhi Village who stood by me during the period of my persecution and the members and president of Christian Missionary Church, for giving me the opportunity of having a foretaste of what ministry experience is like.
I remain forever grateful to God for the intercessors I met at Owo, especially their leader, for all the encouragement and direction they gave to me in ministry.
Special thanks to the missionaries and members of International Christian Centre For Missions. Evangelist Moses, Pastors’ Ben, Evelyn, Paul and many others who extended their efforts to make this book a reality shall surely receive their reward.


I dedicate this testimony to the One who is faithful and true to perform His perfect will in my life. Without the Lord Jesus Christ, I would not have any concept of the word inscribed above, DEDICATION. However, I have found that dedication to Jesus will forever set a standard in your lifestyle, which will overflow into every area of your existence.
I dedicate this book to the entire Body of Christ all over the world, the lost sheep who are yet to come into the fold and to you for finding time to go through my testimony. It is my earnest desire that your life will be touched through the miraculous manner in which Jesus was able to transform my life. If the Lord was able to find me, Solomon, in a small village in Nigeria, then He can locate exactly where you are in life.
I dedicate this book to the unbelievers, who are looking for the answer to their situation. Maybe you are asking the same questions that plagued my own heart concerning where I came from, why I am here and where do I go from here. May I speak into your life with these words of encouragement…”your answers are already within you waiting to be revealed by the true source of Life, Jesus.”
Sit back, relax and allow my testimony to launch you into the past, present, and future of this man, who was bound and blinded by this world until one day … I SAW JESUS!

Preface by Pastor Gunther Geipel, Germany

Only a few people impress me like my friend and brother, Solomon from Nigeria. He saw Jesus, heaven and hell. His heart is burning for the lost. His book is an evangelistic one that can lead people to salvation from sin, witchcraft, occultism, esoteric, Satanism and many kinds of evil.
We need Jesus as our redeemer too; Solomon's book is a prophetic one that challenges us and gives us insight into God's plans.
In Nigeria, revival is causing many phenomenal experiences which occur every day in the lives of people just like you and I as the Christ of the Bible is revealing His person in Africa. For Solomon, it is very important that every single Christian seeks God to find out their special calling, purpose and to serve in it with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Only that way, it is possible to have apostolic revival which doesn't disappear but lasts and grows until Jesus comes back.
During Pastor Solomon’s visit in Germany, we not only were taught the solid teachings of the Word of God but the signs, wonders, and miracles were evident within these meetings. The power of God was among us as this humble man of God taught and demonstrated the Living Word. He went throughout Europe with the gospel of the Kingdom tucked deeply within his heart; that others may know that there is a Kingdom and a soon coming King named Jesus! Meeting after meeting, Europe was being transformed by the message and the messenger who authored this book.
Make an investment into your eternal destiny for the day that you will stand before the Lord and give an account of your life is unknown. Learn from the experiences of Pastor Solomon who found himself peering into the eyes of a Savior that he had never known or seen before and finding the love that he never knew existed. Who knows, you might be the next one standing before Jesus. Therefore, it is my wish that this book ignites a burning fire in your soul, just as my life was kindled by the Word of Life, brought to us by my brother and friend, Pastor Solomon Folorunsho.

Pastor Gunther Geipel,
Vogtländischer Leiterkreis, Germany

Preface by Pastor Wayne Osborn, Texas, USA

It is with great honor that I write the foreword to this powerful book entitled “I saw Jesus”. It has a tremendous impact upon even the most casual of readers. I am a staunch believer that a book should be a reflection of who the author is in real life, and a mirror of that person’s life.
In April 2004, I had the privilege of meeting Solomon A. Folorunsho while ministering in Germany. From the inception of our relationship, it was obvious he was to be no ordinary ministerial relationship. Our initial meeting and relationship had been orchestrated in heaven and born of the Holy Spirit. In the weeks and months to follow, heaven’s destiny would propel my wife and I to visit Nigeria at the continued persistence of Pastor Solomon. It would be during these three weeks of intense ministering in Nigeria during the fall of 2004 that I came to personally know the heart and life of this author, preacher, missionary, and man of God.
The godly character and spiritual integrity of this author, his staff of workers, ministers, and missionaries give authenticity to the power of this book to birth change in the life of its readers.
Solomon is a man on a mission to reach the unreached souls in the most remote areas of the world, and to the task of global evangelization.
As you read this book, may you also hunger for a personal encounter with our awesome Lord, Jesus Christ, as did Pastor Solomon. You too will experience a radical life change and transformation that will bring purpose and eternal meaning to your life. May you also be inspired and blessed as you read this anointed book.

Wayne D. Osborn
Founder “The Gospel Lighthouse Church”
Lockhart, Texas, USA

Chapter 1 - MY BIRTH

Who is he that will stand on God’s way when He is about to work? Or who can harm His child whom He specially sends into the world for a specific assignment? You will see from my case that NO ONE AT ALL! Jeremiah 1:5; Isaiah 46:10.
My grandfather was very diabolical or according to the dictionary meaning: di·a·bol·i·cal

1. Of, concerning, or characteristic of the devil; satanic.
2. Appropriate to a devil, especially in degree of wickedness or cruelty.

He was in the business of prolonging his life demonically. Since my father was his first son, the terms of the covenant were that each time he fathered a male child, the child had to die to further the life of the old man (my grandfather).
When my mother gave birth to her first son, she painfully watched him die under miserable circumstances. Being ignorant of her father-in-law’s demonic covenant, she was not aware of where the problem came from, but poor woman! She had to bear all the pains calmly. What else could she have done? The old man was feared by all.
When she had her second son, she then knew what would happen again. “Oh! That this one would live,” she said to herself. Her fear could be well understood. True to her expectation, the next male child died again mysteriously.
After the birth of two girls who stayed alive, my mother conceived me. “Oh, that this would be a female too,” she said, for how can I bear to see three of my sons die before my eyes?
Now between the time of the death of the second son and the time of my conception, my grandfather died. With the death of the old man, one would have thought she would have relief, but not so! A relative of my grandfather came to tell my mother that she was not to rejoice yet, but that as long as he lived, she would be giving birth inside her grave.


While my mother was in labor to give birth to me, the doctor’s were battling to save the life of the relative who spoke the continuation of the curse. To the glory of God, I was already enjoying the fresh air of life before he was out of it.

Chapter 2 - MY LIFE

I grew up in a continuous state of sickness. It all began when I was seven days old. A big boil found it’s way to my armpit and that was too much for a seven day old baby. My mother thought that I was going to die, but I survived it.
There was never a time that I enjoyed a consistent healthy life. It was one sickness after another. It came to a time that I was sick on a daily basis. The unwanted visitor would always come either when it was 4 pm or at sunset. Apart from that, I was living in constant fear of witches, wizards, and other evil spirits. It was nightmares and oppressions every night.


My school days were full of bad times. Due to frequent sickness, I was always absent from school, while at other times I was brought home ill before the school closed.
In spite of this, I was always meeting up academically. My position was either first (1st) or second (2nd). While in elementary school, my brilliancy earned me more foes than friends.
Being too feeble to match up with others in fights and among the youngest boys in the class; other bigger and stronger ones would threaten me against the forthcoming vacation day. They would say, “You sick fellow, if your position or grades are better than ours, we are going to beat the hell out of you.” So vacation days were always a time I was full of fear of being waylaid by the big boys so I would collect my grades and dash off before they would realize it.
It came to a time that I would willfully not answer some of the questions correctly so I could escape the wrath of my classmates. On the other hand, when I scored less than usual, I had a strict disciplinarian as my father to meet at home. He would give me some thrashing for scoring less.


In the village next to us, lived a born again woman called Mary. This woman was bitterly hated by virtually all the villagers and was highly persecuted. At one time, she was ostracized. Greeting her, going to her house, buying from or selling to her would earn the wrath of the entire village…but, this woman stood it all.
Mary came to our house in the village while I was still very young and told my parents that she had a vision to relate to them concerning me. “I had a vision concerning your son”, Mary narrated. “I saw he was born again like me and as a result, you seriously persecuted him. But he stood it all and later became a minister of the gospel who will bring many people from darkness to light.”
My father waited patiently until she had finished and then rejected her and her vision harshly. "You better go and bring forth a son, who is a pastor, but not mine," he said.


Once, in the hostel of the school which I attended, I had a dream that set the entire hostel in a hilarious mood, as I recounted it to them. In my first dream, I saw a large congregation of both white and blacks, males and females, small and great; people of different status, and I was pastoring them. While I was pondering on this dream, I had another one in which I was riding a bicycle through cities, towns, villages, camps and hamlets, with a bell in my hand, ringing it and telling people to repent. I woke up and started to laugh uncontrollably. The other students soon joined in the fun when I narrated my strange dreams to them.


Soon after my hostel dreams, the enemy was still at work to take my life. All this time, I had been living on drugs since the time of my birth and my cupboard was full of them, until my breath and spittle smelled of the drugs. One of the injections administered to me as a result of my frequent illness nearly ended in lifetime paralysis. After the injection on my buttocks, one of my legs became stiff and soon the spot got swollen with abscess. When it was finally operated on, the pus that came out was unbelievable. Yet, I survived it!
One night while I was still in school, I saw a ghost in human form who was abnormally tall. After this, I fainted over and over again. My father had to be called from his village. At about midnight, a car was chartered to take me home. On our way that night between Iruekpen and Ekpoma, a force was dragging the steering wheel with the driver who was shouting in fear. The aim was to plunge the vehicle into the deep valley nearby. Strange nails got into the vehicle’s front tires, puncturing them, causing the vehicle to avoid the deep gully. A great miracle. When we got to Ekpoma, I was perfectly alright.


“That was the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world” (John 1:9).

One thing is so evident, no matter how far one is from his Creator, the heart keeps longing and yearning for the true owner to come in.
All through the years of my being an unbeliever, the ray of God’s light kept shining into my dark heart. These questions kept bothering my mind, “Where did I come from? Why am I here and where do I go from here?” These questions so much bothered me that after all the excitement of dancing competitions and other earthly pleasures, a great void was still in my heart and my questions remained unanswered. The story of creation and what happened in the Garden of Eden which I was taught in elementary school was always coming to my mind.


While I was in school, an evangelist came to preach to us. I found myself listening to him, though that was not part of my stylish life. The preaching of this man so much touched me that I gave my life to Christ. I was so happy. No sooner then I left the crusade ground, my old friends deceived me back to the dance hall making me immediately abandon the decision that I had taken on the crusade ground.


In my community, there is a dreaded shrine. Priesthood to this idol comes from my family lineage. Once the priest dies, then the first son will take his place for three (3) years before giving the position to the eldest man in the family. As a result of this, every first son passes through initiation to this shrine from childhood. It was taboo to inform an outsider of what happened during initiation or to reveal any of the “sacred secrets”. We were made to believe that the “spirits” would not spare either the outsider or the traitor for this violation.
We were also told other strange and fearful tales concerning the shrine. Being my father’s first son, I was to be initiated. Each time we would get ready for the initiation, one problem or another of sickness would prevent me. Once, when the stage was set to initiate me, I was in the farm with my nephew who had been initiated himself. Being an inquisitive person, I wanted to have pre-knowledge of what I was about to pass through. As he was telling me, a sharp stick came from nowhere and hit me right on the forehead. Blood gushed out freely and I fainted. That was what prevented my initiation.



Due to my continuous sicknesses and the fear of being killed or harmed by the enemies, made me patronize sorcerers and spiritualists. I became a regular customer which made me familiar with all their rituals.
My desire to fulfill my ambitions to become a Chemical Engineer, Nuclear Scientist and helping the poor and oppressed put me into the wrong places but God rescued me from being taken by Satan because of His divine plan for my life (Proverbs 14:12).
One incident pertaining to this was through a well-known metaphysician who became so popular for his often accurate prediction concerning national events and things pertaining to individuals that he became my idol. When I learned about the Nigerian Society of Metaphysics in the newspaper advertisement, I hurried to Benin City for the brochure to become their student. At that time, I learned that I would be taken somewhere for initiations. Thereafter, a teacher would be assigned to me to teach, guide and give me daily information. I was never to disobey him. All these excited my curious mind.
This “teacher”, I was told is the comforter in the Bible who says that he will teach us all things and guide us to all truth. I did not know that they were deceiving me into a covenant with an evil spirit and not the Holy Spirit the Bible speaks about. I returned back to my village to prepare for the initiation. It was while I was preparing for this that an incurable disease set in. I was then bedridden until my encounter with the Lord.


“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10.
As you can see from the previous chapter, I was a very ambitious young man who wanted to have all that life could offer me. Going from one dance hall to the other, I soon gained popularity from dancing competitions and acting of drama. Wanting to be a cult member and frequent visits to the witch doctors gave me a sense of security. Unknown to me, was the fact that life outside Christ is not secure and certain. Satan, the enemy, can prowl in at anytime to afflict or terminate your life.
My ambitions got bigger daily. The best of life was all I wanted. It was in the midst of this that a terrible disease struck me which defied both English and Traditional treatments. My relatives struggled hard to save my life. When every known treatment and medication failed to yield the much needed healing, we took to native and diabolical means of cure.
Poor me! I was dying fast. “Young man”, said a witch doctor, “the enemies have cast a spell on you. You were charmed and the gods have refused to be appeased on your behalf. Get ready for your death”. This was not without collecting the last money I had left. My hope was dashed. To my home I returned for death.
Each night seemed thrice longer than usual. I would writhe in pain and agony wishing for dawn to come, and when it finally came, it offered no relief either. The water-like substance oozing out of my swollen legs gave such a foul smell that no one liked coming near. Death stared me in the face. Now that I desperately needed to live, everything I trusted in failed me. The concoction made from animal and human dung by the witch doctors and my charms failed to offer me the help I needed. Reality dawned on me! Am I really going to die now? What will happen next? Where will I go from here? Fear gripped me; it was a dark and quiet night.


It was on a certain night, right in my village, I went out with friends to locate girls. While we were there, I had a strange feeling in my legs. I managed to find my way home. “Have I not warned you against night movement,” my father charged at me.
Soon both legs became swollen and were dripping out a water-like smelling substance. A time came that I could no longer come out of the house. Before I was confined to my bed, a Christian girl from a fellowship group where I used to go to locate girls, gave to me a “Sword of the Lord magazine”, written by John R. Rice. I read it on my sick bed.


On the sick bed laid the boy whose future once looked so bright and promising. Life was gradually ebbing out of my pale body. The fact was evident before me that I was not going to see the next morning. The pain from the disease and dread of death terrified me. It was hissing and groaning all through.
No strength now to recite any of the religious prayers learned during my childhood, nor could I call on any of the family and community gods for help. Nay, hence all these had hitherto failed me; I lost faith completely in them.
Others in the village were sound asleep. Does anyone really care about a boy who was dying in the neighborhood, although he wanted to live desperately? While I faced my predicament alone that night and my heart about having its last breath…something so real and supernatural happened. It was the unforgettable night!
A cross stood before me. On it hung a man nailed hands and feet. Blood flowed freely from his wounded hands, feet and pierced side. The pain I had was nothing to be compared with the agony of this man. The entire scene was full of love and sacrifice. From the cross, He addressed me thus: “Son, I am not the cause of your sickness. It is the devil that is responsible as a result of your sins. If you can believe in me and repent from your sins, I will forgive all your sins and heal you from your sickness”. Psalm 107:15, 16.


Neither the words of an orator, nor the pen of a brilliant writer, can well describe the marvelous works of our God. His ways are past finding out. Praise the Lord!
To a dying and undeserving sinner, He showed His grace in such an amazing manner. Hot tears flowed down my checks. I responded with, “Lord, I believe. I give my life to you and repent. Save Me.” Immediately, the horror of death left me. Every pain was gone. Peace flowed into my mind like I had never known. It was all so real. I knew I was saved and healed. Hallelujah!


As I was rejoicing over this, a vision of Heaven came to me. I stood outside the beautiful gate of the Celestial City, out of which emits great brightness of light and glory that defies human description. As I stood there fascinated by the beautiful sparkling glory, I saw a great multitude of people, singing and worshipping a man who was clothed in glory and sparkling light, whose brightness filled the whole Heaven.
As I was watching this great man, I discovered that it was the Lord Jesus, the King of Glory. The Lord walked up to me with a big book in His hand. On the book was written, “The Book of Life”. The Lord then opened a new page and wrote my name on it with a pen, on which was written, “The blood of Jesus”, and He said to me, “Peace be unto you”. Luke 10:20, Revelation 20:15.
He showed me the glory and beauty of Heaven, He told me that this glorious Kingdom was prepared for me, but that it was not yet time for me to come in. Christ told me that there are countless numbers of people like me who belong to this kingdom.
I saw other empty pages on the book and the Lord then told me there are many people He wants to save through me. He said, “go and fill these empty spaces and pages remaining in the Book of Life with these people's names”. As He said this to me, an angel came to my side and took me down, down to gloomy darkness. I could hear the screams of people in great torment. I saw what looked like a lake so deep and large. It had fire all over. There were people inside, in great torment. They were wailing, hissing and cursing. Some were blaming others. Isaiah 14:9, Luke 16:19-31.
I recognized some people whom I knew to have died here on earth. They were telling me that I should go back to the earth and warn people so that they would not come there. We started to ascend again until along the line, the angel left me and I returned to my body.


After this incident, I repented from all my sins, threw away all the charms I had gotten from sorcerers and wizards, broke my immoral relationship with the opposite sex, stopped disco dancing and other worldly ways of life.


I had to change my surname from Aidamebor to Folorunsho. The name Aidamebor means “the Juju idol is dreadful”, while Folorunsho means “God will take care of you”. The fact is, my life got transformed and I became a new creature. 2 Corinthians 5:17.


The night I was saved and healed was a Saturday. The following morning, I asked my younger brother to cut off the hairstyle on my head. He couldn’t believe what he heard from me concerning my hair. Nevertheless, in obedience, he gave me a clean cut.
I looked for a Bible. The one I could lay hands on was a partly torn Revised Standard Version. I went to the fellowship. I could only weep all through the service. It was like the pastor knew all that happened to me through the night while he was preaching. When the time came and I stood to testify to how God saved and healed me, the entire church was greatly revived. My conversion became the talk of the entire community.
I never returned to the place where I used to go in search of girls now that I was converted.


Seven days after my conversion, the Holy Ghost power came upon me with the evidence of speaking in new tongues. From then on, my zeal for the Lord increased and I was going from place to place, testifying and preaching to many. Acts 1:8; 2:4.


After my conversion, a brother gave me a book by Kenneth E. Hagin called, “The Authority of the Believer”. This book and a second one on “How To Turn Your Faith Loose”, helped me so much. After reading the first book (The Authority of the Believer), the first test came that night. A being stood before me, like a beast in human form. It was so aggressive and was after me. I immediately remembered what I red in the book and said, “You, this demon, I bind and cast you out in Jesus’ Name”, and that was all. Luke 10:19; Philippians 2:10-11.
How it gladdened my heart to know that this name of Jesus actually has such tremendous power that demons and Satan himself cannot withstand. The following night, I had a dream and saw a deceptive beautiful creature who looked friendly, but I felt the presence of evil everywhere. Then I remembered the power in Jesus’ Name and said “You, this force of darkness, I bind and cast you out in Jesus Name”. This equally went off.
Then about four days after my conversion, I had yet another dream. I was standing inside dirty water in which was a goddess. There were many fishes and snakes inside the water, controlled by the goddess. They wanted to touch my legs and harm me; but each time they got close, sparks of fire would come out of my body against them. I then asked myself what I was doing there. I bound and cast that goddess out in the Name of Jesus. Everything vanished! With these experiences, I was growing in faith.
A few nights later I was sent on an errand in the company of some of my younger brothers. On our way back, we had to pass through a lonely primary school compound. In this compound, I heard strange noise of meeting taking place in the dark (not human voices). I remembered my authority as a believer and issued out the command thus: “You, witches and wizards meeting here, I bind and cast you out in Jesus’ Name”. They all fled far away.
As we got nearer home, the same strange noise was heard on top of a tree nearby. I gave out the same command and the same thing happened. Shortly after this, I was riding a motorcycle to the next village to get some tubers of yam from my father’s school garden. While on my way riding my bike very fast, the road I had been taking so frequently suddenly became two and I found myself inside the bush. An accident! When this happened, I saw a divine hand which lifted me off the bike and dropped me on a bed-like object. The devil wanted to take my life, but God rescued me. Only a small part of my tooth got broken off. From then on, I now had victory over Satan, sickness and fear.


Everything Mary saw in her vision played out in my life. When I became born again, my father greatly persecuted me to the extent that I ran away from home to pursue my call of God. My father and mother never knew where I was for ten (10) years. After this long period, they heard about my whereabouts and started to hear about the progress of my work. It was then that they changed their attitude towards me and have come to accept my vision and even have become a part of it.


Chapter 4 - MY MINISTRY

“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” Acts 26:16-18.
Having been told at the beautiful gate of Heaven to go and bring other people like me to Christ and fill the Book of Life with their names and because of the message by those I met in hell to their loved ones on earth, I was sent to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ full time.
In the fellowship where I went after my conversion, I became a worker. I began by ushering and from there to Children’s Teacher and so on, until I could preach to the congregation. God was building me for the task ahead. All these things happened within a short time period.
With the zeal I had to answer the call God gave to me, I joined a ministry where I was made to pastor churches. Every congregation I was sent to under that ministry grew tremendously. Within a short period of time, there was growth in numbers and spirit.


Though I was recording success in every church I was sent to pastor, I was not satisfied because I was not fully in what God had called me to do. Nay, it was more than pastoring just a congregation.
I had a revelation and saw a big seat near that of the general overseer of the ministry I was working under. The high, big and prestigious seat was reserved for me, but as I looked at the seat which all were admiring and expecting me to ascend to, I felt that was not what God had called me to do, so I decided to go outside the building.
The sight before me was as compassionate as it was frightening. I saw that while I was being offered the prestigious seat to relax and start celebrating and organizing, a long file of people of all races, ages and status were moving towards a direction. The line was so long that one could not see the end of it. It was a horrible sight! As these people were going, they were falling into the lake of fire. The weeping and wailing tore my heart apart. As these people were falling into hell, they were beckoning to me to come and help them. Since then, I have never been the same again.


I would always see different countries of the world. At times, I saw hungry and emaciated people calling me to come and feed them. Prisoners would be calling me to come and open prison doors for them. Some would be in chains calling me to come and loose them from their captivity while others who were sick would be calling me to come and heal them.
Among the abundance of revelations that I had, I also saw a mighty tree at the center of the world with branches spread through to all the nooks and crannies of the earth, with millions upon millions of the fruits all over the branches. They were all ripe. Then the Lord spoke to me saying, “these are the remaining harvest, the unreached people around the world, go into the world and bring them into My Kingdom. This is the purpose I saved you”. John 4:35
Shortly after this, I had another vision where I saw the earth with fruits gathered in different parts of the earth, among different cultures, tribes and peoples. The Lord spoke to me again saying, “go to all the tribes and peoples of the world and do the work I sent you by gathering these fruits into My Kingdom”.


Having received the call of God the same night that I received Jesus and all the revelations that came later; I had the strong urge to go and fulfill the vision that the Lord gave to me. This led me to many churches, ministries and their leaders, even to false prophets as well. Some were suspicious of me while other disdained and scorned me. I was confused.
In the midst of these, I had a revelation in which I saw the road that led to these different ministries that I knew already. I said, “let me go to these ministries so that they could guide me on how to answer the call the Lord has given me and to do the great work He has asked me to do”.
Upon taking the road in my revelation, I came to the first place where the ministry was celebrating their anniversary. In fact, they were not in any way concerned about the billions of souls going to hell from all over the world whom God had called me to liberate.
Then I went to another ministry where they were painting and repainting their building. They did not pay mind to me. It was the same story in all the ministries I visited in my revelation. Some were celebrating over the property they had and the ecclesiastical titles they had taken. No one was concerned.
I particularly met a “big” man of God, who was busy washing the tires of his new car. I came close to him and said, “Sir, I am called by God to go and rescue the lost souls of the world. Can you please help me on how I can fulfill this call?” He looked at me with disdain and bent over again; concentrating on the tire he was washing.
In confusion, I returned to where the road started, wondering why I should be so ill treated by those who were supposed to have the same vision I had. After sometime, I reasoned within myself, “let me go back to them again, perhaps they will give me attention now.” As I was about to do that; the road closed that led to them.
While still there, looking more closely, I saw a beautiful but narrow and ancient road. I had the urge to take the road. As I proceeded on this path, I saw a fine, strong building built upon a rock. This building was built with gold, silver and precious stones.
In the building, I met a very old white missionary. He came to receive me and said, “You are welcome. I have been waiting for you. Now, it is time for me to return to my country.” He handed over the keys of the building to me and started on his journey to his far country.
As I was seeing him off, he held me closely to himself and was telling me the different things I was going to encounter. He told me not to worry that he would return to take me to his country after I had finished my work. Far, far up the hills, I saw the country he was going to and it was very fine and glorious.
When I returned to the veranda of the building with the keys in my hand, the revelation was over.
This further compounded issues as I proceeded to search for the old white missionary in my vision while going from town to town, city to city inquiring about him as he had been in the country for long and had handed his work over to me. In this process, I met a certain brother who was very humble and caring. He was organizing an intercessory group for prayer; praying for the unreached people. He was the one God used to give me the clear understanding of what the entire revelation meant. So, I remained with this brother for some time and planted churches to prove my calling.


After spending some time with the brother, I returned to Benin City around 1988 to wait upon the Lord for about two years and three months, studying, praying and seeking God’s face. During this period, I received instructions from the Lord and my sensitivity to the voice of the Lord became matured.


The Lord asked me to start a missionary ministry with a vision to the unreached in this city of Benin.
In obedience to the Holy Spirit, I came to Benin City without coat, staff, nor purse like the disciples of old (Luke 10:4), trusting God for His divine provision. Thank God, over the years, He has proved Himself by providing all my needs as proof that He sent me.
In 1991, I started the “International Christian Centre For Missions”, to fulfill the vision to the unreached, in obedience to the heavenly visions I had received from the Lord. “Whereupon, O King Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision”. Acts 26:19.
Since then, this ministry has planted many churches and has many missionaries among the unreached people of the world: in cities, towns, villages, camps, hamlets and riverine areas.



Oh! Who would have thought that a dying sinner like me would be saved by Jesus?
Oh! Who could have thought that Jesus knew me even in the midst of all the multitude of sinners?
Who could have thought that He would save someone like me who was lost and given up to die in sin? But behold, now, He has forgiven my sins, washed me with His blood, equipped me with His Word and sent me into the world to be His ambassador to all nations; preaching the good news to every creature.

To you, my dear friend, I ask you as you are reading this book…are you a committed Christian, born again? Be strong and never look back for the Lord is with you. Your hope is in Heaven and your reward is awaiting you there.

Are you a backslidden Christian? Get back to your first love and know that Jesus still loves you and is ready to forgive you, restore and work in your life again.

Are you a sinner like I was? You need Jesus as I needed Him. He is ready to save you as He saved me. He is right with you, wherever you are now, knocking at the door of your heart and you will never be the same again. Revelation 3:20.


Do you want to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Pray this prayer:

Dear Father in Heaven, I come to you with all my heart. Forgive me my sins. I repent from them all.

Lord Jesus, come into my heart and wash me clean from all my sins. Save me now and give me eternal life.

Holy Spirit come into my heart and fill me with Your power and cover me with Your presence. Lead, guide and teach me Your Word in Jesus’ Name.

Father, help me now as Your child, to know Your will for my life and to fulfill Your purpose of bringing me to the earth. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

Your encounter with the Lord may not be the same as mine, for the Lord meets each of us at our own place of need.
I pray that each day will bring you into a close and personal relationship with Jesus. I encourage you to draw close to Him through prayer, fellowship and reading your Bible.
For with great confidence, I can say to you my friend, you will also declare one day … I SAW JESUS!

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